Personal Trainer Edinburgh

5 Easy Steps Towards Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals for Your Great Day.

Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Get fit, lose weight, tone up, look and feel great!


All Wrapped Up are delighted to offer a very ‘personal’ Personal Training service for our Brides, Bridegrooms, Best Men, Bridesmaids, close members of the family and/or best friends.

If you wish to look and feel your very best on your special day then our highly qualified Personal Trainer can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether it is to lose a few extra pounds (so that you look stunning in your wedding dress, suit or kilt), tone your body/muscles, improve your posture or just feel healthier all round, he will provide the necessary help, advice, encouragement and motivation to meet your goals.

Firstly, we recommend you fill out the form below and choose the options that best suit your circumstances.

Once you have chosen your options our Personal Trainer will arrange a free no obligation consultation where you will be able to discuss your options and in particular your goals. You will also be provided with prices which are dependent upon your choices.

Take a look through our 5 Simple Steps below. This gives you an idea of the different options available. You can change these when you have your consultation.