Choose Your Wedding Flowers in 5 Easy Steps

Wedding Florist EdinburghAll Wrapped Up offers a unique Wedding Flower Service helping you choose your wedding Flowers in 5 easy steps. Using the form below, you are invited to specify the type and order of wedding Flowers that you desire, such as

  1. Bridal Party Flowers
  2. Venue Flowers
  3. Your Favourites
  4. Your Wedding Theme
  5. Extras

This service allows you to design your dream wedding flowers from the comfort of your own home. We will then be able to send you approximate costings to suit your budget. When you have chosen your dream wedding flowers you can then meet our professional florist.

During your consultation, our professional wedding florist will spend time with you discussing everything down to the very last detail ensuring you get the finest wedding flowers available. Whether you wish a contemporary feel to your flowers or prefer something a bit more traditional, we are sure you will be blown away by our beautiful design and expertise.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with initial prices as soon as possible.