Magical outdoor weddings

An outdoor wedding can offer a truly magical backdrop for your big day and often give you the freedom to add more personal touches to your celebration.

Planning an outdoor wedding in Scotland can, however, be a challenge due to the ever-changing weather, but don’t despair! As long as you have a wet weather contingency in place and encourage your guests to bring a cardie (in case you have Scotland’s typical four seasons in one day experience), then your big day will go off without a hitch!

We’ve taken inspiration from this outdoor wedding guide to share some of the things worth keeping in mind if you’re planning your big day outdoors:

  1. What if it rains?

The great thing about getting married outdoors in Scotland is that you can get married anywhere if your ceremony is conducted by a religious official, register or humanist celebrant. So, you could choose from Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat or even Calton Hill if you want a full outdoors experience. Many hotels and wedding-friendly venues have the option of having an outdoor ceremony, followed by indoor drinks or food which gives you the best of both worlds. Whichever location you choose, remember to consider a wet-weather option. If you’re in a field somewhere, check with the landowner if you can erect a gazebo to provide cover. Or, maybe your venue can include this as part of your package with them. Explore Scotland’s vast array of wedding venues on VisitScotland.

  1. Do I go big on the decorations or keep them low key?

Getting married outdoors provides the perfect natural setting for a wedding ceremony. Often, that means you’re surrounded by landscapes, greenery or even a seascape. With so much to take in, it’s sometimes nice to keep decorations minimal so that your wedding party can enjoy the beautiful location you’ve chosen to get married in. Rather than elaborate flowers, how about fairy lights or candles to add a warm atmosphere. On a practical level, do you need to think about any paperweights to keep orders of service on chairs, or menus on tables?

  1. What if some of my guests won’t enjoy an outdoor wedding?

Always remember that its yours and your partner’s big day. What you’ve chosen is a reflection of your personalities and how you wish to start your life together. If your guests range in age and abilities, consider how you can help to reassure them and make the day enjoyable for them too. You could include blankets on the chairs to keep them warm, encourage them to wear comfy shoes for getting to your wedding location, or provide refreshments for when everyone arrives. Having umbrellas or asking guests to bring their own also provides another back-up so that no-one has to worry about getting their hair wet.

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